Some Of The Best Cities In Britain To Live And Work In ?>

Some Of The Best Cities In Britain To Live And Work In

If you are thinking about changing the scenery you may find the following list of cities in Britain that are perfect for living and working in to be pretty helpful in terms of choosing the right place to settle down in:

  • Curiously enough, Redding is often ranked as one of the finest cities in Britain to work and live in, including by prestigious publications such as The Independent. Currently Redding is home to 155 698 people (that is according to the most recent census conducted in 2011) which makes it a mid-sized city. Today the city is very much involved in industries such as IT and insurance. The interesting (and poignant) thing is that despite its relatively close proximity to London, more people commute to Redding, not from it. This speaks volumes about the strong grounds the city holds when it comes to its commercial landscape and the quality of life there.
  • OxfordOxford is primarily known for the University of Oxford, one of the bastions of British higher education. Naturally, the city is quite young due to the many students living here. The city however is also a center of the IT industry and a number of other science-driven industries. Many successful startups have their origins in Oxford in recent years. Never mind that people tell that you should go to London if you want your business to really take off. At Oxford you are going to have the resources and the people, as well as the environment to make that happen in the best possible manner. And it is a much cheaper place to live and work in too!

  • SouthamptonSouthampton
    is a great place to live in, especially if you are tired of the awful weather in the northern parts of the country. Southampton is the largest city in Hampshire. Logically enough it is home to some of the biggest employers in these parts of the country, such as The University of Southampton, Southampton Solent University, Southampton Airport, Ordnance Survey, BBC South, the NHS, ABP and Carnival UK. The climate is one thing that makes quality of life here better than most other places in Britain but there is more. Naturally, there are the job opportunities. On top of that, according to statistics by Hampshire Constabulary, Southampton is now safer than it has ever been before. Crime rates in the city are dropping by the year.
  • BristolBristol is one of the larger cities in South West London with a population estimated to be somewhere around 440 000 people. Bristol is a great place to seek a career realization in the fields of creative media, electronics and aerospace industries. There are two major universities that area based out in the city – University of the West of England and the University of Bristol. In addition to everything else, it would be worth noting that it was in 2005 when Bristol was named one of Britain’s six science-cities, which means that all aspects of life and work here are treated in accordance to the latest advances in human civilization. How would one not want to live in Bristol?
  • Cardiff, being the capital and largest city of Wales also deserves a notice when we are talking about the best cities in Britain to live and work in. Finance and business-related services are big here, as well as tourism. When we are talking about quality of life, Cardiff boasts favorable climate, good infrastructure and educational opportunities, as well as low crime-rates. That means that the city can offer you everything you might want in order to live well in it.

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