Settling in after removal ?>

Settling in after removal

Post removal periods can be difficult and you will need time to overcome the initial shock. It gets worse if you don’t know what to do after removal. But, there are things to do after you move into a new house that will help you organize and avoid stressful situations. Check the following tips and be ready to have a pleasant settling in time.

Create a new to-do list

Your post removal time starts the moment you walk into your new home. You probably feel relieved on the first day because you know that the hardest part is behind you and that all belongings are with you, safe and undamaged. However, as you probably know, you will not have time to enjoy those first moments because you need to organize your time. You can create a new to-do list of all the tasks you need to complete, which can help you take advantage of every hour of every day. Your time is precious so start with new tasks and take care of everything, and you can take it easy latter.


UnpackingThis is obvious; you need to unpack after your domestic move. Unlike packing, unpacking is a lot less stressful because you already know where everything is and you have no deadline for this task. This is time-consuming task but you will complete it a lot faster in comparison to packing. Naturally, you will unpack first those boxes filled with items you will need first. You should start with kitchen and then continue with bedroom and bathroom. A quick shower and a comfy bed is all you need to rest so you have energy for completing other tasks on your to-do list.

Inspect your new place

After you unpack essentials, you need to check your new place for any signs of damages, scratches, pipe leaks, etc. Write down the readings of electricity and water meters. Check if the new place is safe enough for your needs. Also, check smoke detectors, fire extinguisher, etc.


If you haven’t completed this task before your removal, you need to check your utilities now. Ensure that the basic ones are on your name. Is there anything you need to pay for? Did you talk to utility service providers? Make sure you take care of:

  • gas
  • electricity
  • water
  • cable
  • internet
  • sewer
  • trash services, etc.

Change your mailing address

As soon as you move, you will be ready to change your mailing address. This is important because you will continue to receive all mail at your old address. This task should be on the top of your to-do list. All you have to do is:

  1. fill out the change of address form at the post office, or
  2. fill out the form online

Make sure you get you mail form your old address, so you don’t miss something important. You can ask new residents to forward you your mail.

Change school

If you haven’t done this prior to the move, this is your next step. If you have a child then you know how important their education is and how finding a new school can be challenging. Find a reputable school that will suit your child’s needs. You can ask for recommendations from your friends or neighbours. As locals, they probably have the most information. Then, talk to the principal and teachers and introduce your child to their new school and classmates.

Do you need help?

This task should be your priority but you need to put it on the to-do list eventually. If you need to hire people for certain jobs, such as babysitter, gardening, pest control or any other, make sure you do your homework and explore before you make your decision.

Register your car

When you move to another country, you need to register your car in the new state and transfer your driver’s licence. This should be a tough task because you can complete it with one visit to the DMV office. You need to register your vehicle 10 days after you get the car. You should complete this task urgently because you will need your car to take care of other things.

Medical care

You need to find a new health care provider that you will be able to trust, just like your previous one. You need to find a new family physician for your family, a paediatrician for your kids if you have any and a vet for your pet as well.


After you settle in, you need to think about a new insurance. You need to have new household, car and health insurance. If you are moving to different country, you should check if you are already covered or if you need new policies with new insurance companies.

Change your locks

Door lockThis task is also an important one. Shortly after removal, you might want to get your locks changed in order to feel safer and sleep better. The last thing you want to is to think about whether someone out there has a key to your new place and picture different scenarios.

Get to know the neighbours

Changing surrounding can be hard on people. You are new in the neighbourhood and it can be stressful period of one’s life. Leaving your friends and family is enough to make you feel sad and depressed but now you don’t know anyone in the new place. But, you need to know that the sooner you meet new friends and introduce yourself to your neighbours, the faster you will fit in and have someone to spend time with. Interact with people at work, in the stores, cafes, or similar places. Just be confident and soon you will meet people of similar interests who might become your bets friends.

Take a tour through a new city

You may want to explore the city shortly after removal. You need to know where some main buildings are located, like hospital, police station, banks, post office, and other relevant institutions. Also, find historic monuments and other important sights. Once you learn more about your new city, you will get used to in and fit faster.

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