How to Take Photos Like a Pro ?>

How to Take Photos Like a Pro

We are living in a very visual age. Mankind has never been surrounded by more images than it is today. Magazines, photobooks, billboards, large TVs – everything around us is bombarding us with visual content. Even some of the most popular social networks today are focused entirely on photo sharing. Therefore, it is quite normal if you feel a bit obsessed with the quality of the pictures you take with your camera or phone. If you want to improve your photography skills, you will only need to follow a few quick tips.

Learn more about your camera

You can buy the fanciest camera and go the most breath-taking spot in the world and still fail to take a good shot, if you do not know your device well. Before you start snapping, take the time to explore all the features of your camera. Learn how to activate and disactivate the flash, zoom, stabilization and etc. Also, you can take advantage of the automatic mode of your device. Even most smartphones nowadays have that function. It will allow you take you pictures with a good quality without you having to constantly change the settings.

Pictured: Main types of cameras

Speaking of image quality, there is one thing you need to set – the resolution. Go to the menu of the device and choose the highest possible resolution that it supports. Mind you, apart from improving the quality of your photos, that action will also make their size bigger. Therefore, if you do not have much memory space on your phone or camera, you can slightly reduce the resolution.

Correct your posture

If many of the pictures you take appear blurry and unbalanced, it may be due to the way you hold the camera or the position of your body when you shoot. Remember to always hold your camera with both of your hands. If your device is professional, use the left hand to hold the lenses and the right to hold the camera itself. For extra support, keep your elbows close to the body and your legs open. There is no need to lean your body in any direction. It is always best to stand up straight to avoid misaligning the camera with the image you want to capture. Even if your device has excellent image stabilization, an incorrect posture can ruin the final result.

Pictured: Photography posture – dos and don’ts

Smartphone users should also pay attention to the position of their body when snapping images with their gadget. To stabilize the camera, they can tuck their arms and form a curve with their middle fingers and place them at the bottom sides of the phone.

Easy tricks to take better photos

  • Rely more on natural light than on your flash
  • Get closer to the objects instead of zooming in on them
  • Avoid placing the main object in the middle – move in to one side of the photo
  • Change the perspective by trying out different angles
  • Take more candid photos

Last, but not least, practice and experiment as much as you can. Like any other skill, it takes time to master photography.

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