Best modern tourist sites in London ?>

Best modern tourist sites in London

Do we even need to point out the fact that London is perhaps the most popular city in Europe when it comes to both business and tourism? Yes, there’s Paris but UK’s capital has so many things to offer for young and old. We will take a quick look at some of the best modern sites to see. What is exceptional about London is the fact that it combines both historical sites and monuments with modern attractions and areas. We will list the relatively newer things London has. These places are excellent if you are there with your children and they are not exactly into museums or palaces.

London EyeThe London Eye is by far one of the most interesting sites in the city. It is now the 4th tallest Ferris wheel in the world but in 1999 when it was erected, it was the leader in this category. It provides you with a great opportunity to observe London and to also spend some quality family time. The London zoo is the oldest scientific zoo in the world. It also has a land of 36 acres and the whopping number of 20 166 animal individuals. You are guaranteed to have a great time there as you can even see great white pelicans which is a rarity for a European zoo.

London also has an impressive skyline

The Shard is the tallest building in London with its 309.7 meters of height. It also provides you with the highest viewing platform in the city. While it is a business building, tourists are also allowed to enter it and visit floors 68, 69 and 72. Let’s also not discount the fact that you can get a private hire and enjoy a drink there or a traditional English cup of tea.

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