Best 4 national parks in the UK ?>

Best 4 national parks in the UK

All you need for a good and relaxing day off is a pleasant stroll in the wilderness to take the stress off our busy day to day lives. It is often hard to find the time needed to actually go there but visiting national parks is one of the best ways to spend your vacation, especially if it is short. In this list we have included only places that are completely safe and family friendly and easy to traverse to help you plan your brief getaway from all the commotion in your life.

  • Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park

This fine example of Britain’s beauty is located around Loch Lomond near Stirling. There is a variety of places you can visit and possibilities for a woodland walk, a hike over the hills that are close at hand as well as boat tours in the fair lake itself.

  • Yorkshire Dales National Park

Yorkshire DalesAn hour drive north of Manchester and you can stumble upon this very unusual park. When we say unusual we mean it in a good way. It is of course a place where nature is preserved, but it is also home to numerous stone buildings.

  • New Forest National Park

One of the few untouched by man places in the southwest is New Forest. A true rarity in the region, it is one of the locations where large (unthreatening of course) wildlife can be spotted in its natural habitat.

  • Broads National Park

Broads National ParkThe broads are a collection of navigable lakes and streams located in Norfolk. Used as a source of peat during the medieval ages, it was abandoned when sea levels began to rise, only for this practice to be renewed again with the help of windmill pumps, one of the main attractions of the park.


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